Why Do Cats Stare at Walls?

Cats may have some strange habits: they knock over things; they doze off in a nervous and seemingly uncomfortable posture; sometimes they stare at the wall-what is it that makes your cat fascinated by an empty wall?

Why does the cat look at the wall?

There may be many reasons why your cat suddenly fell in love with the paint color you chose. Some people may joke (or even seriously think) that their cat is looking at ghosts or other supernatural creatures. However, this may be for more logical and natural reasons. Most of the reasons why cats stare at the wall are related to cats who are naturally curious, and cats are both predators and prey.

Cats can see something.

Cats have keen eyesight. Although they may not have as many cones in their eyes as ours, they cannot see as many colors. They have more shots and can be seen very clearly in low light.Your vision is broader than ours. In fact, your cat’s field of view can be 200 degrees, while ours is only 180 degrees. This means that your cat’s peripheral vision is much wider than that of humans. You may think that the cat is not watching, but in fact it can see insects or shadows on the wall.

Cats can also have episodic memories. This is a special type of long-term memory that enables cats to remember certain events, situations, and experiences. This means that your cat can remember the reflection of the sun dancing on a specific part of a specific wall at a specific time of the day. Therefore, if your cat is looking at the same wall at the same time of the day, it may just be waiting for your favorite game.

Cats Can Hear Something

There is incredible hearing.In fact, they can hear a wider range of frequencies than many other mammals (including humans and dogs)! This means your cat can hear what you can’t! Buildings are not only sitting, they also have pipes and ducts. Your cat may hear water running through the pipe or air hissing from the pipe. Of course, our homeland has no immunity to foreign animals. If a mouse or other animal enters your home, your cat can look at the wall because you can hear it running. However, the sound does not have to come from the wall. If you live in an apartment building, your cat can listen to neighbors across the wall, even if they look quiet to you.

When should you worry?

In some cases, observing the cat wall may indicate a health problem.

Cognitive dysfunction in cats-some older cats may have feline cognitive dysfunction, but it is more common in cat dementia; it is not much different from dementia in humans and old age. Cats with cognitive impairment may howl loudly and watch them at night.

Empty walls confuse Flane’s hyperesthesia syndrome. If your cat not only stares at a blank wall, but also attacks its tail, it will desperately start brushing the base of its tail from nowhere, or if it looks too sensitive to touch You may have the so-called feline hyperesthesia syndrome: this disease was discovered and described recently, it is not a common diagnosis, but it is not clear whether it is because it does not happen frequently or it is difficult to observe normal behavior to judge cats. In veterinary medicine. In hyperesthesia syndrome, people usually change from a manic state of actively grooming and wagging their tails to a trance almost like looking at a wall. If you experience any of these symptoms, please try to record a video on your phone.Video recording of your cat’s behavior can be a huge help for your veterinarian in diagnosing the medical cause of strange family behavior.

There are many reasons why cats stare at the wall. In most cases, they just saw or heard what we didn’t see. …They looked at it or tried to figure out what it might be.

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