Make The Best Sleeping Place For Your Cat

How to create the perfect cat sleeping spot – Advice (2021)

Cats are the real owners of your apartment, who sincerely believe that it is you who live with them. Therefore, they allow themselves to do whatever they want. Including sleeping in your bed.

But it’s not right. After all, cats can carry diseases such as toxoplasmosis and be carriers of parasites, which will not add to your joy in life. And the presence of your own lounger with a shaggy pet will greatly facilitate your life and simplify the cleaning process, because much less wool will remain on the furniture.

So, you should try and make the cat’s sleeping place so that your pet wants to rest only in it.

Seat selection

Before equipping the cat’s corner, observe your furry. Perhaps he already has his own inhabited territories, where he prefers to go to the kingdom of Morpheus. By making his favorite place “legal”, you will save nerves and energy for both yourself and your pet.

We strongly advise against making a “bedroom” for a cat near a battery, heater or air conditioner. Because dry and hot air is just as harmful as cold air.

Most likely, the resting place will be located on the floor, so it is worth giving preference to houses with soft walls and a pillow, which will soften contact with a hard floor, warm in the cold and allow you to relax entirely, from nose to tip of tail.

By the way, many owners decide to make a cat bed on their own. Yes, perhaps you will be able to show skill and talent, and then it will be cool to boast to your friends that you yourself have made a sleeping place for your pet.

But if you do not have the necessary skills and extra time, there is always the opportunity to use a ready-made solution.

Care matters

When choosing the material from which the house is made for your cat, be careful. Indeed, in order to prevent various diseases and prevent the growth of bacteria, it is recommended to wash the pillow on which the cat sleeps at least 1-2 times a month. And the house itself – once every 2-3 months.

Therefore, you should give preference to such loungers that are easy to clean and do not lose their shape during washing. For example, this eco-leather lounger is easy to clean, does not lose the brightness of color and looks stylish in any interior.

The enemy will not pass

You’ve probably noticed felines’ love of boxes. To the most common cardboard boxes, for example, from under the technology. Why do you think they are so popular with them?

It’s simple. Climbing into a box with high walls, your pet feels securely protected. This passion should be taken into account when arranging your cat’s sleeping place – choose closed houses with high walls and a roof, then your pet will be comfortable and pleasant.


And finally, the most important thing

Even if your cat did something bad and ran into the house, you don’t need to get it out and scold it. Let her feel protected in him even from your anger. After all, you still very quickly forgive your beauty or handsome man.

So, let’s summarize. The ideal sleeping place for your cat:

  1. First of all, she likes it herself.
  2. Has high walls for protection.
  3. Easy to clean.
  4. Is your pet’s personal space and inviolable territory.

Inspired? Then go shopping! A comfortable and practical cat house is the best way to make your life together easier and more enjoyable.

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