My Cat Vomiting: Causes and How to Help

Most cat homeowners are only tooconversant in the characteristic hacking thereforeund of cat vomiting. howeversimply because we’ve all detected it, doesn’t mean it ought to be an everyday occurrence. reflex in cats willtypically be an early sign of illness, so watch outto not overlook this vitalamendment in your cat’s health.

How typically Do Cats Vomit?

We tend toaccustomedassume that some cats were simply “pukers” but we currentlyunderstand that chronic vomiting could be a sign of an underlying problem. It’s traditional for cats to possess the occasional hair ball due to their fastidious grooming behaviors, howeverreflex that’s not regarding hairballs could be a sign of a medical issue.

If your cat vomits multiple times during a day or if you notice a risewithin the frequency of vomiting, it’s best to debatethe mattertogether with your veterinarian.

Types of Cat Vomit

Cats will vomit because ofa goodstyle ofcompletely different causes and therefore thelook of the vomit could vary reckoning on the cause.

Most cat homeowners are conversant in hairballs, that occur once the cat ingests massive quantities of hair throughouttraditional grooming. This hair can’t bedigestibleand will be vomited back out of the biological process tract.

Vomit from other, a lot of serious causes may embrace blood, bile, mucus, or part digested food. The frequency, timing, and look of the vomit are all vital factors to debatetogether with your veterinarian.

It also can be useful for pet oldsters to remember of the variations between reflex and regurgitation.

Vomiting that the forceful expulsion of abdomen and higherenteric contents, whereas regurgitation is the expulsion of the contents from the mouth, throat, and esophagus. Vomiting is a full of life process, often lasting many minutes, throughoutthat the cat could look unwell, drool, retch, show abdominal heaving, and eventually vomit.

Regurgitation, on the opposite hand, happens quickly and sometimeswhile not warning. The cat is usually fine one minute, then suddenly “spits up” without retching or heaving. distinctive which of those2 processes your cat is experiencing willassist you and your Dr.slender down the doable causes of the problem.

Cat Vomit chart

Pet oldsters often need to try to diagnose the reason for their cat’s reflexsupportedthe colour or consistency of the vomit. Unfortunately, the designationisn’t that simple. the colour of a cat’s vomit will vary reckoning on what the cat has eaten up (including any non-food items!), any dyes utilized in the food or treats the cat eats, and variety of alternative factors.

Due to this, color is not a reliable thanks to diagnose the cause of your cat’s vomiting. whereasthe subsequent chart is also helpful, you ought toconfer with your veterinarian.

Why Do Cats Vomit? seven Causes of Cat

Cat vomiting up food similar to humans, cats will vomit for several totally different reasons. Some causes of cat vomiting are comparatively benign and will even resolve on their own, whereas others will be far more serious.

Here are a number of of the foremost common reasons why cats vomit.


As cats lick themselves, their rough tongues pull loose fur out of their coats that is then swallowed. massive volumes of hair can accumulate within the abdomen and aren’t simply digested, leading the cat to vomit a hairball. This reason behind puking is sometimes nothing to stress about, however if your cat has hairballs oft you’ll need to deal with this together with your veterinarian.


Gastroenteritis is actually a elaborate term for an upset stomach, which may occur as a results of dietary indiscretion, toxins, or medication aspect effects, among alternative things. Some causes of gastroenteritis are gentle and can resolve on their own, but others will be a lot of serious and will need a vet’s attention.

Foreign Bodies or Obstructions

If your cat eats foreign material—such as a toy, items of string, a hair tie, or alternative foreign objects—this may cause blockage and injury to the digestive tube that may cause puking. This reason behind vomiting is serious and needs immediate veterinary attention.

Food Allergies and Inflammatory intestine malady

Allergies are fairly uncommon in cats, however they will lead to vomiting thanks to the inflammation of the digestive tract that happens once the cat chuck a trigger food. Some cats may additionally expertise chronic symptom as a results of these conditions.

General Diseases

Chronic illnesses like urinary organ disease, pancreatitis, and thyrotoxicosis can all cause nausea and chronic puking thanks to varied mechanisms. Addressing these causes of vomiting needs characteristic the underlying condition, and plenty of of those conditions need long management.


This reason behind vomiting is a lot of common in kittens, however can occur in animals of any age. Occasionally, pet house owners can even see live worms within the vomit. the great news is that treating the parasites usually resolves the vomiting.


Cancers of the alimentary tract are fairly common in cats and might cause puking by busy with traditional digestion. Cancers in alternative areas of the body may cause feelings of nausea, discomfort, and unease which may also cause vomiting.

Cat puking: once to stress

It’s normal for your cat to possess the occasional hairball, however any amendment within the frequency, volume, or consistency of vomiting may be a cause for concern.

Vomiting in cats is particularly regarding if it’s in the course of other symptoms such as:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in litter box habits
  • Ernative changes in health and behavior

If you notice these symptoms in your pet, contact your MD for additional guidance.

Cat Vomiting Treatment

Because vomiting is caused by such a big amount of different conditions, there are many alternative treatments.

If your cat’s vomiting is thanks to cancer or a general unhealthiness reminiscent of chronic excretory organ disease, diagnosis and treating the underlying condition will be the first goal.

For gentle cases of vomiting due to hairballs or gastroenteritis, your medico could inflict verificatory care such as medicament medications (like Cerenia) and antacids.

Sometimes your cat may have a modification in diet or maybe a prescription diet, notably if the vomiting is due to Associate in Nursing underlying allergic reaction or inflammatory viscus disease.

Vomiting thanks to a remote body or obstruction of the alimentary canal is especially serious. In several cases, the foreign material won’t taste the GI tract on its own and should cause serious injury if it’s not removed immediately. To treat this sort of vomiting, your medico may suggest emergency surgery to get rid of the foreign material and any broken sections of intestine.

Home Remedies for Cat reflex

It’s best to not try and treat your cat’s vomiting reception while not consulting your medico first. several causes of cat reflex, reminiscent of a remote body or obstruction, will cause severe injury {or even|or couldbe|or perhaps} death if not befittingly treated right away.

If your cat’s vomiting is justlely} thanks to trichobezoars, your veterinarian may suggest giving an over-the-counter hairball treatment daily to assist the hair taste your cat’s biological process tract.

ne’er offer your cat any medications—either prescription or over-the-counter products— unless directed to try to to so by your veterinarian.

How to Prevent Cat Vomiting

Many causes of cat vomiting are preventable. To keep your cat’s digestive system healthy, please try the following steps:

Consider the cat’s diet. Make sure your cat gets a high-quality, balanced diet and don’t give her too many snacks or food scraps.

Look for non-food products. Prevent your cat from swallowing non-food items, such as toys, ropes, or houseplants.

Ask your veterinarian about special diets. If your cat is diagnosed with food allergies or inflammatory bowel disease, following a special diet prescribed by the veterinarian can prevent vomiting.

Consider over-the-counter medicines. Finally, for long-haired cats or cats that often have hairballs, consult your veterinarian for over-the-counter products that can help prevent hairballs from vomiting.

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